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Day One, Tuesday 6 February 2018

9:30 am

Registration and Coffee

10:00 am

Chairman’s welcome and opening remarks


10:05 am

Keynote: Emerging technologies for law: what’s out there, what it can do for you and what you should do about it?

  • what forces of change is the profession being exposed to and how is it reacting?
  • what tech is out there and how is it being used – to drive customer service, foster loyalty or enhance profitability?
  • what is happening in the legal tech vendor marketplace – how can you be sure you are investing in vendors, and systems, that will be around for the long haul?
  • how are developments in AI and cloud computing impacting legal services? What cost-effective solutions are emerging?
  • how is the legal profession delivering and rising to the demand it is seeing and how does this impact on the in-house team? How can get the most out of your own team and external advisors?
  • what overall lessons have been learnt that might help legal departments exploit the potential of technology?

Keynote Speaker

  • Derek SouthallDerek Southhall Founder and CEO, Hyperscale and Head of Innovation and Digital - Gowling WLG
10:55 am

Matter expert: What will blockchain do for / to the legal profession?

  • how will lawyers interact with clients once clients have access to a public shared ledger?
  • (when) will the blockchain replace traditional contracts?
  • which industry sectors are most affected?
  • what will be the interaction between smart contracts, AI and blockchain?
  • who should we be recruiting to help us manage and deliver blockchain-enabled legal services? What kind of team will be required?


11:25 am

The Alternative In-House Technology Summit Room 101

We’ll give two in-house counsel and two private practice partners each the chance to nominate what they see as the biggest cause of communication gaps between in-house clients and external counsel.  Based on the BBC format, each panellist will propose an issue that, if it were banished to that room of no return, would help corporate clients and their advisors to work better together.  Will it be that corporate legal teams expect too much of panel firms?  Or that firms don’t fully understand what their in-house clients need?

Using – anonymously - the audience will debate and vote on each proposal before deciding which issue most deserves to go into Room 101.  Which issues will be rejected? And which banished forever to Room 101?  This is your chance to improve the working relationship between clients and advisors.

The Panel:

  • View full profile for Rhian BlissRhian Bliss Chief Operating Officer, Europe Legal - HSBC Bank Plc
  • Maria Passemard Head of Legal Projects - John Lewis Partnerships
  • Mike Polson Co-Head of Innovation; Managing Partner, Glasgow; and Director - Ashurst Advance
  • Richard Kemp Founder - Kemp IT Law
11:55 am

Morning coffee and networking

12:15 pm

Facilitated round table discussions (A1 – A10)

This series of hosted round table discussions will focus entirely on practical challenges facing the in-house legal operation.  There will be two 40-minute sessions.

Click here for full session details.

A1| A document management user’s experience: Eurotunnel’s journey
We’ll share our experiences with others who are thinking of embarking on a similar path.
Sebastien Dumortier, Head of Legal France, Eurotunnel and Mike Murphy, Head Legal – UK Concession, Eurotunnel

A3| A blueprint for technology adoption
Mo Zain Ajaz, Global Head of Legal Operational Excellence, National Grid

A4| Making a success of the technology you’ve already invested in - are you getting the best out of what you already have?

Corporate legal teams are increasing their IT spend on systems that are regarded at the point of purchase as a must-have.  But many systems remain underutilised.  How can you ensure you get the most out of the legal technologies you have already invested in?
Sarah Draper, Assistant General CounselRoyal Mail Group

A5| A GC’s experience of developing a global cybersecurity incident response plan
Pro-active management of cyber risks is critical for Boards and General Counsel. How do you bring relevant stakeholders together to develop an appropriate cybersecurity incident response plan and what level of detail should the plan contain?
Adam McArthur, Assistant General Counsel, Corporate UK, Astra Zeneca

A6| The journey to automation and beyond 

- strategic considerations underlying an automation decision
- fix/optimise the basics before implementing IT-solutions
- focus on change management and buy-in from business units
Jon Iverson, General Counsel, Attorney-at-law, Copenhagen Airport

A7| Indio -How we built our own alternative resource model
In addition to our existing full-time in-house team, we set ourselves the challenge to build an elite, legal consulting firm just for Smiths, without compromising on talent and with no advertising. Here’s how we went from concept to a 15-strong group of high-quality and fully-engaged on-demand lawyers.
Jamie Fraser, Director of Legal Operations & Innovation, Smiths Group

A8| Right-shoring of legal resources to cost optimise
Andrew Collis, Head of LPO/Operations, BT

A9| Integrating people, processes and technology to deliver the best service to the business
Richard Given, General Counsel, 10X Banking

A10| Using technology to manage legal costs
- how we control internal and external costs with technology that captures and reports detailed cost information from firms, and streamlines business processes
- how we made the business case for legal spend management technology
- how we plan to use advances in eBilling technology, such as actionable analytics, benchmarking data and Artificial Intelligence (AI), to improve legal spend predictability and inform legal resourcing decision making

Charles Clinch, Associate General Counsel and Legal Chief of Staff, VEON

1:45 pm

Networking lunch

2:30 pm

Think Tank on the psychology of innovation: how you and your team can learn to innovate and keep up with the exponential pace of technological change

Technology is changing the world of work in ways that significantly impact your ability to gain and maintain a competitive advantage. The pace of technological change has increased substantially, meaning that staying on top of it, and “at the top”, is becoming increasingly difficult. But whilst many people and organisations recognise the need to become more innovative and entrepreneurial, very few have a clear strategy for it.

We will look at the latest evidence-based insights into increasing innovation and developing an innovative mindset. The workshop will provide in-depth understanding of the theoretical underpinnings of innovation, disruptive talent and entrepreneurial culture, and their measurement and management. The focus will be on using these tools to help you foster innovation.

This session is presented by Dr Gorkan Ahmetoglu, Lecturer of I/O & Business Psychology, University College London & Co-Founder, Meta Profiling, META has conducted more than 100 empirical studies, with over 300,000 people, across 25 different countries. Its research hosts around 20 empirical studies a year, in collaboration with 3 of the world’s highest ranked universities.


  • Dr Gorkan Ahmetoglu Lecturer of I/O & Business Psychology, University College London - Co-Founder, Meta Profiling
3:30 pm

Afternoon tea and networking

3:50 pm

Facilitated round table discussions (B1 – B10)

This series of hosted round table discussions will focus entirely on practical challenges facing the in-house legal operation. There will be two 40-minute sessions.

Click here for full session details.

B1| Blockchain case study: How AIG has used blockchain to gain transparency and remove friction in trade finance
Natalia Clements, Senior Legal CounselAIG Europe Limited

B2| Setting up the legal processes and legal tech that will help us scale up both our business and our in-house team
Vanessa Cowling, General Counsel, Venture Founders

B3| Change management case study – how to deliver a transformational legal tech project
Fiona Robb, Head of Operations Compliance, Legal & Governance, Schroders

B4|Cyber security: the GC’s role in protection and preparation
What steps does your organisation need to take to prepare for and defend against cyber attacks and what role does the legal team play in this?
Andrew Stewart, Formally Managing Attorney, Global Technology & Sourcing, BP

B5| Choosing the right partner to ensure a successful legal technology implementation
We’ll share experiences and learnings on how to choose the right technology vendor and the pitfalls to avoid in order to ensure a long-term partnership.
Andrew Dey Independent Legal IT Advisor & Consultant, Advanced Discovery

B6| Using technology in-house to manage high-value contracts
Derek Simpson, Director of Legal Services, Global Transactions and Paula Metcalfe, Strategic Programmes and Operations Manager, Accenture

B7| Coding 101 for lawyers – everything you always wanted to know but were afraid to ask
Mike Naughton, Senior Manager, Legal Services Global Center of Excellence, Cisco

B8| Data management best practice for corporates
How to store your data and where?
Ross Woodham, Director of Legal Affairs, Cogeco PEER1

B10| Implementing a modern legal spend management solution
- things to look for in a (legal) e-billing vendor
- the do’s and don’ts during implementation
Jo Guy, Supplier Relationship Manager – Legal, Lloyds Banking Group

5:20 pm

Networking break

Take a quick breather and grab a drink before joining us for the final engaging session of the day.

5:30 pm

Legal tech product review

At the end of a long and productive day, we’ll gather for informal and interactive sessions designed to provide education, not sales pitches, for the corporate legal team. By featuring a wide selection of vendors, we aim to provide delegates with a genuinely objective overview of technology products that are specifically relevant to in-house legal.

Each vendor will present a fast-paced, short presentation demonstrating one product, in one use case, covering:

- what it does
- how it works
- what it costs
- what it achieved for their client/s

Each delegate can choose two of the six presentations to attend. Each vendor presentation will be followed by a closed discussion group for in-house legal only, facilitated by a member of the event Advisory Board, giving you the chance to react to the vendor presentations and discuss them amongst your peers.

The bar is open, we want your feedback on the range of tech products and other vendor solutions and hope you’ll join in the review.

P1| Matter management and eBilling

Vendor: WoltersKluwer

Facilitated by: Andrew Dey Independent Legal IT Advisor & Consultant, Advanced Discovery

P2| Document assembly

Vendor: Thomson Reuters

Facilitated by: Maria Passemard, Head of Legal Projects, John Lewis Partnership

P3| Contract management and AI

Vendor: Nalytics

Facilitated by: Derek Southall, Founder and CEO, Hyperscale Group Ltd and Head of Innovation and Digital, Gowling WLG

P4| Document management

Vendor: iManage

Facilitated by: Andrew Mowlam, Sky

P5| Workflow / Business self-service tools

Tech User:
Matthew Burman, Head of Corporate Law, Visa

Facilitated by: Andrew Dey Independent Legal IT Advisor & Consultant, Advanced Discovery


P6| Tools for eDiscovery & investigations

Vendor: Advanced Discovery

Facilitated by: Mo Zain Ajaz, Global Head of Legal Operational Excellence, National Grid


6:30 pm

Chairman’s closing remarks and end of day one


7:30 pm

Drinks reception

8:00 pm

Dinner and entertainment followed by overnight stay

Day Two, Wednesday 7 February 2018

10:00 am

Chairman’s welcome and opening remarks


10:05 am

Alternative Views: As buyers of legal technologies and legal services, what should in-house teams be demanding?

How can you ensure you get the promised value-add?

What are other in-house teams asking of vendors?  Of panel firms? Of other advisors?

Picking up where yesterday’s light-hearted Room 101 session left off, we’ll gather for a free-flowing and interactive session looking at what in-house should demand of panel firms, legal service providers and legal tech vendors.  Set up in the round, delegates will gather around a central table to “eavesdrop” on a frank, facilitated, conversation between four in-house counsel/heads of legal operations about procuring the best and most effective legal technology and services.  Our panelists will share their challenges and successes and you will leave with fresh ideas to implement tomorrow.



  • Karl Chapman CEO - Riverview Law and Chairman Kim Technologies

  • Keith Thomson Central Operations- Head of Suppliers & Systems - BT Legal, Governance & Compliance
  • Fiona Robb Head of Operations Compliance, Legal and Governance - Schroders
  • Sarah Spooner Head of Legal, Corporate & External Affairs - Vodafone
10:50 am

In-house counsel and the Fourth Industrial Revolution – what can the experience of GCs in high-tech, fast-growth industry disrupters tell us about using legal tech to support growth?

When every company is tech company, every company is a data company, and high-tech disrupters are shaping the economy, what can other in-house teams learn from the heads of legal at high-tech, fast-growth, disruptive businesses?
Three heads of legal will each present a fast-paced, TED-style presentation. These will be followed by joint Q&A.


11:30 am

Matter expert: Artificial intelligence for lawyers – demystifying the trend

What is AI, what is it not, and what can it do for legal, and for the in-house team in particular?
Is AI simply another term for automation?
Are all AI solutions genuinely AI?
What are the opportunities, and the costs?

The presentation will be followed by an extended interactive Q&A session using, allowing delegates to separate the myths from reality and understand AI’s practicality and applicability for legal.


12:00 pm

Networking break

12:20 pm

Masterclass 1 – Are you ready for a dawn raid?

Understanding where your data is not only helps you prepare for GDPR but also for a dawn-raid


1:30 pm

Masterclass 2 – Everything the GC needs to know about cyber security

We’ll cover everything that in-house counsel needs to know about cyber security including a guide to dealing with the fall-out from a significant security breach in your company and your post-hack recovery plan.


2:30 pm

Close of conference