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Case Study Breakouts (B)

Time: 4:00 pm - 12:00 am

Date: Day 1 Wednesday 13 February 2019


This series of hosted round table discussions (B1 – B10) will focus on how other corporate legal departments deal with the challenges you face.  These interactive and informal discussions follow Chatham House rules – giving you the freedom to speak your mind.  Small groups allow everyone to participate and each group feeds back, giving all attendees access to the knowledge pool.  These brainstorming sessions will give insight into your peers’ challenges and provide solutions to your own.  Each session indicates the size of the facilitator’s legal team so that you can choose the discussions most relevant to your business.

There will be two 35-minute sessions.

B1        Managing the BAU stack improvements vs the Innovation stream demands
Amir Mehdi, Director – Head of Legal & Head of Office Technology, Barclays

B2        Working with the IT department to enhance collaboration and to influence IT strategy
Simon Ferres, CIO Legal, Deutsche Bank

B3        Managing Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) – can the process be made less painful?
Emmy Hackett, General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer & Data Protection Officer, SHL

B4        Modern Document Management and its benefits
Jean Simpson, Legal IT Manager, Sky

B5        Alternatives to e-billing
Faye Moran, Head of Legal Operations, Marks & Spencer

B6        Applying document automation and assembly in corporate legal
Mo Zain Ajaz, Global Head of Legal Operational Excellence, National Grid

B7       What lawyers can learn from working with technology developers Lessons I’ve taken away from collaborating with engineers and coders on legal tech solutions
Ed Goold, Counsel and COO, Ohalo

B8        Working with a partner to implement matter management and e-billing
Susan Manik, Head of Supplier Performance, Legal,Standard Chartered

B10      Collaborating with panel firms to tracking workflow and legal spending
Emma Jelley, Senior Advisor, Fondia Oyj


  • Mo Zain Ajaz Chief Counsel of National Grid Property and Group Operational Excellence Legal Operational Excellence - National Grid
  • Simon Ferres CIO Legal - Deutsche Bank (team size 250+)
  • Ed Goold Counsel and COO - Ohalo
  • Emmy Hackett General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer & Data Protection Officer - SHL (team size 1-10)
  • Susan Manik Head of Supplier Performance, Legal - Standard Chartered
  • View full profile for Amir MehdiAmir Mehdi Director – Head of Legal & Head of Office Technology - Barclays
  • Faye Moran Head of Legal Operations - Marks & Spencer

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