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Peer-to-Peer discussions – session A

Time: 2:15 pm - 12:00 am

Date: Day 1 - Monday 3 February 2020


Back by popular demand, our delegates’ favourite round table discussion sessions return.  Focused on how other in-house teams deal with the challenges you face, these interactive and informal discussions are an integral part of an Alternative Event.  They follow Chatham House rules, giving you the freedom to speak your mind, while small groups allow everyone to participate. Join a discussion and get insight into your peers’ challenges and find solutions to your own.

There will be two x 35-minute sessions, allowing you to attend two different peer-led discussions in both Session A and Session B.

A1       Challenges and success in introducing automation and A.I to legal processes (and how to do it with a small or non-existent budget!)
A discussion on implementing advice bots, AI tech , RPA, document automation and workflow tech in house
Jean Simpson, Legal IT Manager, Sky (team size 26 – 250)
Andrew Mowlam, Head of Legal Tech Innovation & Insight, Sky

A2       Using legal tech to reduce your external legal spend and future-proof your team
In-house teams are under increasing pressure to (1) automate their processes, (2) digitize their function and (3) reduce external spend.  Learn how Shell, Novartis and BT deliver on all three requirements and, at the same time, future-proof your team.
Maurus Schreyvogel, Chief Legal Innovation Officer, Novartis (team size 250+)
Jim Delkousis, CEO and founder, PERSUIT
Vincent Cordo Jr., Central Legal Operations Officer, Shell

A3        Back to basics:  getting the most out of the Microsoft Office suite
It’s not just about buying new tech.  Make sure that you are getting the most out of your existing systems, starting with the most common desktop tools.  We’ll look at ways to use common technologies to the full.
Natalie Salunke, Vice President & Head of Legal, FleetCor Technologies

A5     Managing customer obligations and mitigating risks in contracts with technology
David Griffin, Head of Legal & Governance Systems and Change, BT

A6      Building an alternative resourcing model – the Smiths Group story
– What is the problem?  Increased demand for legal support but squeeze on external spend budget and headcount numbers
– What is the fix?  Is there a third way, between in-house heads and external law firms?
– Smiths approach – built our own alternative resource model – a group of freelance consultants
– Success – relieved pressure on in-house team and saved money with external law firms
– But – not without certain pain / difficulty
– Solution for everyone?  Not necessarily – but worth considering as an option
Jamie Fraser, Director of Operations & Innovation, Smiths Group

A7     Smart law and the rise of the digital legal department
There’s no shortage of buzz right now about the benefits of technology for in-house departments. Whilst much of the attention focuses on technology for managing risk, driving efficiency and transforming service delivery, it is also being deployed to enable a new breed of agile legal team. Join Skyview Capital to discuss how they are taking a digital first approach to managing and resourcing their legal function, including the use of an intelligent legal operations hub to streamline the department and improve business outcomes.
Jim Hall, Executive Vice President, Skyview Capital

Steve Ball, Legal Consultant/GC, Skyview Capital/Boost Legal

A8      Using reporting and analytics to run the legal department more strategically
E-Billing and legal spend management systems generate a wealth of data that can be used to analyse matter resources, costs, outcomes and risks. Lloyds Banking Group will share how they use this data to generate reports that allow them to manage their legal function in a strategic manner.
Sandy Duncan, Legal & Professional Fees, Lloyds Banking Group

A9        Case study: Implementing document automation at Royal Mail Group
Dinesh Jadav, Director of Legal Operations, Royal Mail Group (team size 26 – 250)
Jason Sykes, Legal Operations Manager, Royal Mail Group
(team size 26 – 250)

A10      Using AI for contract reviews
– what exactly is an AI contract review and which transactions are they best for
– cost and efficiency of contract reviews – AI v manual
– sourcing software – law firm v in-house on-prem / Saas solution
Anita Drew, Group Legal – Head of Digital, IT and Commercial, Prudential (team size 26 – 250)

A11      Future leaders of professional services – what are the attributes and skills of an effective leader?
Using the power of our collective thinking, we’ll discuss the attributes and skills of effective leader.  There will be an ideas board posted where all event attendees can contribute their ideas over the course of the Summit.  Conclusions will be written up and distributed after the event in the Alternative Insights newsletter.
Mo Zain Ajaz, Global Head of Legal Operational Excellence, National Grid


  • Mo Zain Ajaz Chief Counsel of National Grid Property and Group Operational Excellence Legal Operational Excellence - National Grid
  • Steve Ball Legal Consultant/GC - SkyView Capital/Boost Legal
  • Vincent Cordo, Jr. Central Legal Operations Officer - Shell
  • Jim Delkousis CEO and founder - PERSUIT
  • Anita Drew Group Legal – Head of Digital, IT and Commercial - Prudential (team size 26 – 250)
  • Sandy Duncan Legal & Professional Fees - Lloyds Banking Group
  • Jamie Fraser Director of Operations & Innovation - Smiths Group
  • Jim Hall Executive Vice President - Skyview Capital
  • Dinesh Jadav Director of Legal Operations - Royal Mail Group (team size 26 – 250)
  • View full profile for Andrew MowlamAndrew Mowlam Lead Technology Consultant - Sky UK
  • Natalie Salunke Vice President & Head of Legal - FleetCor Technologies
  • Maurus Schreyvogel Chief Legal Innovation Officer - Novartis (team size 250+)
  • Jean Simpson Legal IT Manager - Sky (team size 26 – 250)
  • View full profile for Jason SykesJason Sykes Legal Operations Manager - Royal Mail Group (team size 26 – 250)

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