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The Samoan Circle – an Alternative panel discussion: Why is (legal) technology implementation so often unsuccessful?

Time: 5:30 pm - 12:00 am

Date: Day 1 Wednesday 13 February 2019

Theatre: Main Stage


We’ll re-convene for an informal and interactive session using the “Samoan Circle” format.  Set up in the round, delegates will gather around a central circle to eavesdrop on a frank, facilitated, conversation which will initially be between four in-house leaders.  Audience members can join in the discussion by entering the “inner discussion circle” and sitting down.

We’ll start by asking why it’s so hard to implement legal technology projects.  Why are we failing to manage the change process? To understand the psychology of change and what will motivate our teams to change?

Other topics for discussion:

  • How can legal help/encourage the business to automate so legal services really add value?How can we convince the business to self-serve in the face of stiff resistance? Do our internal clients want a digital “front door” to legal services? Is it possible to change the model of how legal supports the business? And, can we meet the educational challenge?
  • How can corporate legal departments cut out inefficiency and overspending in the purchase of legal services? How can we improve our financial data management?

The working principles of the Samoan Circle are:

  1. Only those in the inner circle may speak, until prompted to retire
  2. You can enter the inner circle at any time if you want to join the discussion
  3. You must finish your point and leave the inner circle when prompted by the facilitator

The bar is open, Sli.do awaits your questions / comments and we hope you’ll join in the conversation.


  • Adam Eastell General Counsel - Eigen
  • Vanessa French General Counsel, UK & Europe - Serco
  • Rob Miller formerly Chief Legal Officer - Deliveroo
  • Lara Oyesanya UK Counsel & Director, Legal - Klarna Bank (team size 26 – 250)
  • Kerry Phillip Legal & External Affairs Director - Vodafone Global
  • Sophie Schwass Head of Legal Operations - Lloyds Banking Group


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