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A walk through our story

We started Apperio because we believe the business of law deserves a better deal.

Our Founder and CEO, Nicholas d’Adhemar, spent six years working as a lawyer and three years client-side in private equity and experienced first-hand the unnecessary conflict, confusion and cost that often accompanied deals.

We know this experience is all too common but we don’t think it has to be this way. And that’s why we started Apperio.

Our mission is to become an essential part of every lawyer’s everyday work and set new standards of accessibility, accountability and accuracy around legal spend information.

That way, we can free both General Counsels and their law firms from the grind so they can focus on their goals: deepening relationships, developing trust and driving returns.


Automated Legal Spend Management & Analytics

Enabling in-house lawyers to effortlessly track & analyse legal spend across all law firms, in real-time, in one place.

  • Simple

    Anyone can analyse data using our beautifully designed software that is intuitive and easy to use.

  • Quick setup

    We can get your law firms set up and integrated for you in days, not months. We are hosted in the cloud so there are no setup or ongoing hosting or server costs.


  • Control your spend

    No more surprise bills. Unlike ebilling, with Apperio you can view fees as they are incurred.


  • Analytics

    Data driven decision-making is a critical capability for today’s businesses. Combine dashboards and multiple visualisations to answer any question about your legal spend in a few clicks.

  • Proven ROI


    Drive cost savings and improve efficiency by allocating your legal spend more intelligently.