Here’s what delegates from last year’s Alternative In-House Technology Summit told us they liked about their experience:

“Great speakers and networking opportunities” – Adam McArthur, AstraZeneca

“The variety of round-table discussions allowed me to pick discrete issues to take back to the office”Stuart Urquhart, BAE Systems

“Networking opportunities. Demos from vendors. Experienced presenters” Steven Jebb, Vodafone Group Services

“Meeting others in similar scenarios. Round-table discussions… Variety of approach, e.g. round-tables/discussions.” – Ben Eason, Barclays

“We’ve been looking at a lot of this from a silo so the interactive nature of the conference was quite valuable” – Gina Noel D’Ambrosio, BlackRock

“All of it – it’s good to hear from the plenary speeches and learn more from their expertise and the roundtable sessions where people could discuss where they are and what they are doing” George Barlow, Aviva

“The balance between practical insight and future tech trends. There are practical take-aways from the event I can implement now” Matthew Glover, Colt

“Conversations with other attendees. Round-table discussions” Mike Naughton, Cisco

“The number of attendees was very good, the availability of the speakers was consistently very good. There was a nice relaxing feel during the full two days” Julia Lopez-Spencer, NGA Human Resources

“Access to/ discussions with tech suppliers, hearing about other companies’ journeys/experiences and developing/establishing contacts” Andrew Collis, BT

“(The Summit was) thoroughly worth the two-day time investment! A great opportunity to meet up with peers, discuss common challenges and share experiences”  – Sarah Gray, Santander UK

“Honesty in the room – very open conversations. Variety of speakers, round table content. Great mix of lawyers, legal companies and suppliers” Rachel Kerr, Bupa

“Excellent conference. The right blend between formal speakers/panels and informal networking” Alasdair Moodie, Thermo Fisher Scientific

“Networking with other COOs/CLOs” Jon Furmston, BT


“Great speakers and relevant suppliers (and not too pushy about selling!). Best bit was networking and meeting new people – with plenty of opportunities between sessions” Jamie Fraser, Smiths Group

“Thoroughly enjoyed the whole Summit – it was very useful and relevant” Lesley Comben, BAE Systems

“I think the overall setup and idea of the summit was great” Alexander von Scheven, Netapp

“Networking, learning about real-life experiences of using tech” Kiran Shergill, EY

“Fresh, innovative and really helpful” Helen Barker, Diageo

“Great sessions on GDPR, cyber security and new trends in legal tech” Eoin O’Reilly, MarketInvoice

“Very insightful. Valuable event in which gave many opportunities to discuss in detail the issues/problems we face – and take away ideas and solutions” Sarah Bailey Lissamore, Zurich

“The chance to come together with peers, technology providers and consultants to learn about the different types of technology”Fiona Robb, Schroders

“Roundtables provided for interesting discussions and sharing of ideas. Interesting to hear from all the providers in areas which clearly interested them ” Samantha Stocker, AIG

“I enjoyed learning about emerging trends, and the “big picture” issues, together with the specifics of what other in-house teams are doing” Ingrid Cope, Pernod Ricard

“Round table discussions were very interactive and on useful topics. Presentations were on point, a good length and on interesting topics”  Clarissa Whittington, AIG

“Specialist speakers. Good mix of GC, private practice and suppliers” Alex Herrity, Adidas Group