UPDATE… here’s some reactions to the 2019 event


Here’s what delegates from the 2019 Alternative In-House Technology Summit told us they liked about their experience:

“All the sessions I attended were excellent and informative.  (I) particularly enjoyed making new contacts and meeting suppliers.”   Dinesh Jadav, Royal Mail

“Really liked the networking and the breadth of sessions and conversation.”  John Rowland, Network Rail

“The quality of the speakers and variety of sessions in varying formats is unsurpassed in my view on the legal technology conference circuit.  Ample opportunities for chatting and sharing ideas with senior level peers and carefully selected vendors – excellent!” Sarah Barrett Vane, SBV Consulting

“(I enjoyed) engaging with the vendors and understanding the latest legal tech that is in the market.”  Lorna Nyandat, American Tower Corporation

“(We got the chance to) understand the frustrations of the companies on the legal transformation path and some best practice that could move things forward.”  Shelley Yuan, HSBC

“The quality of the presentations in the conference rooms is very high, and the exhibition stands are typically run by people with expert knowledge who can answer questions intelligently.”  Joe Kohler, Deutsche Bank

“I found the sessions to be extremely candid and therefore very helpful to compare progress against. This also made the event feel very collegiate.”  Barry Matthews, ITV

“The structure of the event really helps with networking.  The content was excellent.” Mo Zain Ajaz, National Grid

“I enjoy the range of content at the Summit. Legal tech has clearly developed significantly since the Summit started three years ago, but rather than leave people behind or stand still, the programme continues to offer something for everyone. There’s plenty for those needing inspiration and an introduction to the key topics, and for those looking to fine tune or push the boundaries.”  Alex Herrity, adidas

“(It was) amazingly useful to hear and share experiences with other in-house colleagues and learn more about how law-tech is developing so rapidly.”  Andrew Mills, Experian

“Meeting different legal operations people and picking peoples brains!” Finn O’Boyle, AXA

“Good mix of presentations, panel discussions and networking.  This was good inspiration for me in a new role.”Annette Sommer, Norsk Hydro

“Useful peer insight about challenges faced and solutions implemented.” Ed Banks, Universities Superannuation Scheme

“The opportunity to hear from peers about what they have done and from quality vendors about their products.” Fiona Robb, Schroders

“All speakers and panels.  Just hearing where everyone is on their journey.”  Avnee Thakrar, 3M

“(I most liked) the whistle-stop tour of the legal industry; and the psychology of change session. The change session highlights that it is essential that before introducing tech, you think about how it will land, and you plan for all the different reactions and attitudes.”  Caroline Brown, Aviva

“A great networking opportunity.” Hans Albers, Juniper Networks International

“The mix of formal presentation sand the chance to discuss and explore topics with peers and fellow practitioners.”  Richard Martin, Shell

“Great presentations and networking opportunities.” Adam McArthur, AstraZeneca